mercoledì 6 aprile 2016

Mockingbird How could you

How could you
Sneak into my night
Under the guise of an innocent one
Just faded childhood memories
Disguised for a time as solace
Till you tire and
Repetition falls to
You are mocking my black pain
Stuttersteps fall from your branch
Laced with nights next to him in this bed
The book open
His glasses on
It's his favorite story and
He is sharing it with me
My first time.
As you fucking forget common decency
Such as not ripping my heart out from your treetop stage tonight
He could be shooting anything in his veins
And how would I even know to attend his funeral?
Sing away you fuckwit
What could it matter my heart lies pumping its last red onto the floor
You're a demon in the dark
And they call you
The innocent.
I'd kill you
If it meant
Keeping dreams and hopes

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