domenica 24 gennaio 2016


and it was so sta-range
how you whirled the sound
the rushing sound
blood swirls
my brain
you speak in Reverse
counterclock the whirl
while time is stopped
for me
for me
my hand rests in yours
it's like first kiss
I don't want to move
I don't move to speak
want to tell you stop
saying over and over
how you can't be here
brother, you are here
as am i, breath held
to leave spell intact
and we linger on
do you dare to go?
do you dare to stay?
We deny ourselves
my heart and veins scream out
swirl their needy madness
rushing stops
my head on your heart
squeezing you so tight
telling myself not too tight
and you go.
Peel our energy off and escape
through the back
the downy fluff of my cat
rose oil and unnameable you
we are together there.