martedì 25 settembre 2012

fall 2010. coffee breath smile.

lexington is a big white coffee breath smile
brewing companies by the icehouse
so many other gal's memories in ma head
(you pass through places and places pass through you butcha carry 'em with you...)

fall 2010.

starting on a new page cuz EVERYTHING IS NEW
everything is high and white and blank and open and new
and i can't pretend to be affected can't pretend to be old anymore
i am THIS, i am THIS, and then i am THIS.
now i am THIS.
i was THAT back THEN
but i'm reborn all the time
yes reborn every moment.
i am new.
soy nueva.
sono nuova.
i should be doing nothing other than what i'm doing right now.
i should be doing nothing other than what i'm doing right now.
it is perfect and it's real.
everything is right.
everything is perfect.
and that shit's changin' all the time.
everything is perfect and it's changin' all the time.
i will NOT want (this is a contradiction)
i want to not want.

postcoital. fall 2010.

i am hard and i am so hardcore.
did you know how hard i am? i am?
i am sitting cunt wide open after you've opened me up
but i'm disappointed once again
-nobody can thrill me like he did.
it's like my birthday and christmas all over again
but none of the presents fit me and none of them will again

for elia. fall, 2010.

do you feel me in the waves
in the time change
can you feel me through the time
cross the ocean
your song is repeating
ricocheting against soft clouds
though in my head i am
with you always
i am with you always

to awaken within our dream.

at my parent's house.

dead roses maintain a dusty ghostly photocopy of their youth's color
in the garbage disposal they wait