venerdì 27 dicembre 2013

love, Lexington.

we are growing up together
we are creating one another
we are every abandoned building
circle splash streetlight
naive dream

we lie in the road together
horse fields surround
downtown at the horizon
we hold hands and laugh red into night sky

we share dearest friends
space and time
beds and saliva

we walk dogs in pairs to the park
in fresh snow
to leave our angels in white shadow 
backlit naked trees

we fight with passion
call it off
pack up and move away

no matter, no mind
the Vortex brings us home

we find heartchips in the eyes of old dear friends
we sway to our rhythmic same same hearts

we strip and run screaming into backyard summer monsoon
the moon lights our eyes
we are light as feathers
we are free as birds

we knock on doors late, late, late
we are welcomed 
our vices at hand

we fly high holding onto eachother's dreams 
we collaborate to create
dreams alive
we get it

we are 
we are a cycle
a spiral of outward growing healing

we are
never answering our phones
we are
found in the streets we are
never really at goodbye

we are family.

forever gratitude, Lexington.

i am you
you are me
we are one.