martedì 12 luglio 2016

The Both of Them Boys Can't Quit

Ya might as well just leave me the fuck alone
I don't need your
I don't want your
I don't like your
So just quit.

mercoledì 20 aprile 2016

are you sure it's not love

are you sure it's not love
when he's pumping inside me
when I come on his cock
are you sure it's not love?
cause my body deceives me
in the waves of my pleasure
she is screaming to me
this is love, this is love.
are you sure it's not love?
when we collapse together
our sweat intermingles
my hands in his hair
and our hearts beat together
now we need one another
forever united
are you sure it's not love?

martedì 12 aprile 2016


DAMN YOU mockingbird.
The fucking demon is back again
While I'm trying to sleep!
Trying to innocently
Peace here and your
Full to spilling over with mental disease
Teeming with schizomania and psychonarcissism
My fucking skin crawls
And I try to feel my heart
Beating hard under phantom ticks in my palm or on my chest
I hate the way you steal the night
Just out of sight
Of my uncle's shotgun.
Time to drag out the white noise.

mercoledì 6 aprile 2016

Mockingbird How could you

How could you
Sneak into my night
Under the guise of an innocent one
Just faded childhood memories
Disguised for a time as solace
Till you tire and
Repetition falls to
You are mocking my black pain
Stuttersteps fall from your branch
Laced with nights next to him in this bed
The book open
His glasses on
It's his favorite story and
He is sharing it with me
My first time.
As you fucking forget common decency
Such as not ripping my heart out from your treetop stage tonight
He could be shooting anything in his veins
And how would I even know to attend his funeral?
Sing away you fuckwit
What could it matter my heart lies pumping its last red onto the floor
You're a demon in the dark
And they call you
The innocent.
I'd kill you
If it meant
Keeping dreams and hopes

sabato 12 marzo 2016

springtime and the promise of an open fist.

Merciful mosquito
Peeper in the night rides the trainhorn to my bed
Huddled undercover
Fuck that heater
My accessory
I am so delighted I burst into
Raucous laughter
All I know
I go to work with the sunrise
And isn't hope what the fuck I'm here for?

martedì 1 marzo 2016

Where I'm From

Template from George Ella Lyons

I am from shallow creek beds
from snakes in the grass
and snappin' turtles
Won't let go til lightnin' strikes
I am from down in the valley
On Pine Valley Drive
Named by my father

And the inground pool, chosen over air conditioning when my parents sold the sailboat.

It felt like night coming on and settling between pine branches
It felt like heavy sobs
In trouble again and
Dad hits hard

It felt like recurring nightmares
That Catholic conscience wouldn't let me sleep
Felt like my sisters in the woods
The only place I wanted to be

I am from the garden
the sunflowers and little cherry tomatoes
Mom let us keep a plot
With a pinwheel
We would neglect to tend it
Weeds and dried out soil

I’m from the wintertrips to Florida
and odd sense of humor
from Anna Mae
and Marcella
and Bud, before suicide

I’m from the Miller good looks (we don't make ugly children)
and Catholic Republicans
From Whippoorwills that eat little girls
And I'll give you something to cry about
I'm from Saturday mass in the balcony courtesy Dad's social anxiety,
And God told me to knock the shit out of you the next time you don't say your prayers at dinner.

I’m from Germany, Germany, Germany, wieners and whiskey.
From the wooden leg of uncle
the drugged and raped by their father at night.

Miller family reunions at the campgrounds in Ironton.
I am from rusted cobweb memories which are many better staying put. From the woods I came and to the woods alone I belong.
I am mother nature's child and hers alone.
I am.

Sarah Marie Miller
Berea, Ky

domenica 24 gennaio 2016


and it was so sta-range
how you whirled the sound
the rushing sound
blood swirls
my brain
you speak in Reverse
counterclock the whirl
while time is stopped
for me
for me
my hand rests in yours
it's like first kiss
I don't want to move
I don't move to speak
want to tell you stop
saying over and over
how you can't be here
brother, you are here
as am i, breath held
to leave spell intact
and we linger on
do you dare to go?
do you dare to stay?
We deny ourselves
my heart and veins scream out
swirl their needy madness
rushing stops
my head on your heart
squeezing you so tight
telling myself not too tight
and you go.
Peel our energy off and escape
through the back
the downy fluff of my cat
rose oil and unnameable you
we are together there.